Modular Home Builders in Rockland, MA

Do you desire a custom home? Selecting the best building method to create your custom home is a critical part of the building process. The traditional method of building outdoors just doesn’t deliver the same efficiency that modern modular homes can provide. We encourage you to attend one of our seminars before choosing a builder to construct your custom home. Let us show you how our construction process provides an energy efficient and healthy home that can only be achieved in an indoor factory environment. The friendly and professional team at Mod-Tech Homes, LLC is prepared to help you as you move to make your dream home become a reality.

modular home builder rockland ma


Mod-Tech Homes, LLC has been a leader in modular home construction for more than 20 years. As a New England based company, we proudly serve all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We use the latest design software, innovative construction technologies and good, old-fashioned workmanship to provide home buyers with quality-built homes at exceptional value.


Here are the top three reasons to go modular:

  • Less Disruption. Modular homes are built inside of a factory-controlled environment that most homes can be built in 3-5 days. Sheltered construction also means there are no weather delays and workers and their materials are protected from the elements.
  • Cost Savings. Modular homes offer price savings that traditional home construction companies cannot. The most obvious savings come from “hard costs” savings like reduced materials needed, cheaper labor and energy savings. Many “soft costs” like planning, designing, financing and less life disruption also contribute to more affordable pricing.
  • Quality. Modular homes undergo vigorous testing and inspection to ensure quality control. Our homes are also built to international building code standards and come with a 10-year warranty.

Want to take advantage of modern modular construction for your new home? Contact our experienced consultants help you create the home of your dreams.

Rockland is named for the town's rocky nature, which was better suited for mills and industry than for farming. The town is best known for its industrial history and was home to many shoe manufacturers. Many believe that Rockland supplied approximately half the shoes for the Union Army during the Civil War.

Rockland Resources

Rockland Memorial Library - The Rockland Memorial Library fosters cooperation, communication, innovation, and sharing among it's members. It also promotes equitable access to excellent library services and resources for all who live, work, or study in Rockland.

Rockland Firefighters - The Rockland Fire Department currently consists of 25 full time career firefighters operating in four shifts of six. The department provides fire suppression and emergency medical ambulance services.

Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts - The APCSM's mission is to operate an open admission animal care and adoption facility, with focus on prevention of cruelty to animals.