Multi-Family Homes

Mod-Tech Homes, LLC is a turnkey company that makes developing new homes more affordable. Multi-family homes can be a home that features an in-law apartment or two, three, or four family homes capable of being rented out or sold to others. With over 20 years of modular home experience, Mod-Tech Homes, LLC are experts in the design and installation of multi-family homes.

Benefits of Multi-Family Homes

  • Multi-family homes are affordable and easy to implement. When you consider the labor, material, and time saved in the modular building process, the price of a modular home can be 15-25% lower than the cost of a traditionally built home of similar quality.
  • Modular multi-family homes are built extra tough. This is so that they can withstand shipping and craning onto the site foundation, translating into lower maintenance and heating costs.
  • Multi-family homes are an emotional and financial investment. Whether rented out or sold, multi-family homes provide long-term financial benefits proven over generations. Additionally, multi-family homes are a rewarding investment in that they allow you to be flexible and provide a space for family members of all ages.

Mod-Tech Homes, LLC and our affiliates have developed a range of multi-family projects over the years including:

  • Townhouses
  • Duplex
  • Tri-plex
  • Attached Single Family
  • 2-4 Family Homes

Whether you are a family looking to expand or an investor planning to develop a major project, Mod-Tech Homes, LLC can help you design, implement, and install a multi-family home that meets your needs.

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