Modular Home Kits

Do-It-Yourself people do it to save money. Building a new home is no different. Your “kit” includes the entire structure properly installed and secured to the foundation. Inside you will find all plumbing and electrical piping and wiring, cabinetry and fixtures in place, two coats of paint, and more. All of this weather tight and a lock on the door. In addition, your new home kit provides you with 70% of your project in one day!

Our factories will do all of this at a fraction of what it would cost you to “Do-It-Yourself”.

Requirements for New Home Kits

Here’s what you’ll need to have a new home kit installed on your property:

  • A contact or hired help with a Construction Supervisor’s License to oversee the project.
  • A Feasibility and Design Agreement with Mod-Tech Homes, LLC is required. At a cost of $4,500, this includes:
    • Research on all aspects of your project and complete report on what you can build.
    • What the permitting process is.
    • What the local fees are likely to be.
    • Design of the home or addition using our 3D design system so that you will know exactly what you will be getting and at what cost.
  • Once Mod-Tech Homes, LLC delivers a full set of drawings, specifications and finish details with a contract for you to execute, we will order the home/addition. You will submit the building permit application listing us as a sub-contractor for the modular components.
  • Mod-Tech Homes, LLC will provide the foundation drawing and will need to accept the finished foundation to move forward.
  • Mod-Tech Homes, LLC will set the modules, make all connections and make weather tight before departing. Our Project Manager will provide instructions for proper completion and be available for consultation as needed.

Contact us today to learn more about our new home kits.

Not sure where to start with your new home kit design? Stop in to our Design Center to discover all of the customizations and options available to you.